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Chinese Companies in America Alliance (CCAA)
Shanghai Declaration
November 19, 2012

The Chinese economy is rapidly rising, along with its national strength. Sino-US trade frictions, however, pour in, and they are likely to intensify. The "going out" strategy of Chinese enterprises has encountered even greater resistance. Chinese listed companies in America have suffered from a series of setbacks and unfair treatment as naked short-selling has sent their stock prices spiraling down in all US stock markets. All evidence points to an inevitable trend of escalation of trade barriers between China and the United States.

 Today, representatives of the US and Chinese business communities gather at the Center for American Studies, Fudan University in Shanghai, and positively advocate and support “Chinese Companies in America Alliance” (CCAA) sponsored by Roel Campos and other influential figures. It is committed to serving Chinese investors and Chinese listed companies in America to improve their tarnished images and protect their fair and legal interests in the US market by providing a high-level professional PR services platform.

The Alliance will work actively for the Chinese companies to resurrect their stock prices and regain fair treatment in America by launching a series of coordinated campaigns. The Alliance is honored to have Roel Campos, former SEC commissioner, serving as its Honorary Chairman to provide advice and guidance to uphold the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies in the United States.

We are convinced that the establishment of CCAA will make significant contributions to the commercial success of the beleaguered Chinese companies and regain their fair treatment in the United States.

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