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Sub-committees with industrial focus are set up to help businesses with specific needs. USCN members are encouraged to join us in volunteering on one of our sub-committees. Please feel free to contact us and we will direct your interest to the appropriate sub-committee chairperson. The benefits of serving on one of our sub-committees are: helping to make a difference for all US China businesses, leadership and speaking skills development, networking, and using your creativity and skills to help lead the way in creating new business opportunities for all members.

USCN relies on advice and support from the many experts among its member. Our standing committees assist the Board of Directors to meet our goals. With the exception of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors, appointments to the standing committees are made by the President with the oversight of the Executive Committee. Applications for committee membership from member companies are always welcome.

USCN is governed by a Board of Directors, comprised of representatives such as influential political figures and business executives from the USA and China. When the Board is not in session, it delegates authority to the USCN Executive Committee to render judgments and govern the Association. The Board of Directors elects a chairman, vice chairman, nine vice presidents and a treasurer who, together with the immediate past chairman, comprise the Executive Committee. The Board also elects a president to serve as chief administrative officer of the Washington-DC-based staff and the headquarters office.
The U.S. committee or China Committee is responsible for the oversight management of USCN activities in the U.S. and China respectively. The policy-making councils are elected directly by members of each country.
USCN's Board of Trustees/ Corporate Advisory Board consists of executives of prestigious corporations and political figures from China and the U. S. serving in an advisory capacity to the governing Board of Directors.
The Arts and Culture Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on the USCN's arts and cultural exchange programs. It strives to connect the artists and peoples of the United States and China through dance, theater, music, literature, painting, sculpture, heritage and cultural tourism. The committee works with governmental agencies and cultural partners, the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, Smithsonian Institute, the Institute of Museum and Library Services, The Palace Museum, National Art Museum of China and several local museums. Please check back for updates on our new and ongoing programs.
The Environmental Committee provides information and advice to the Board of Directors and USCN staff on environmental laws/regulations and other matters that affect the business operation and product manufacturing in the US and China. The Environmental Committee provides a forum for members to exchange views and discuss their activities in areas of the environment through an annual Environmental Conference.
The Government Relations Committee includes government affairs representatives from USCN's member companies. Committee members meet monthly to exchange information and to strategize on public policy issues at both the federal and state levels as well as between the US and China. The goals and objectives of the Committee are to ensure that the viability of business operation and investment is maintained and that its economic importance is recognized while regulatory agencies deliberate on industry-related public policy issues.
The Finance Committee is a standing committee of the Board of Directors and is chaired by the Board Treasurer. The committee is responsible for reviewing and providing guidance for the USCN's financial matters. Specifically, the committee assures internal controls, independent audits, and financial analysis for the organization. The committee provides directions to the Board for fiscal responsibility, reviews the organization's revenues and expenditures, balance sheet, investments and other matters related to its continued solvency, it also approves the annual budget and submits it to the full Board for approval. The committee ensures the maintenance of an appropriate capital structure and oversees the maintenance of organizational-wide assets, including prudent management of organizational investments.
We are calling for a responsible individual with resources and experience in this field to assume the leadership role of this committee. Please send us your credentials if you would like to be considered for the chairperson of the committee. Please direct all your correspondence to info@us-cn.org.
 The objective of the Issues Committee is to establish public policy for the Association consistent with the interests of USCN membership. It serves as the senior strategy-setting body for the Association. The Issues Committee advises the Executive Committee and assists the USCN staff on current policy issues important to the business and trade between the USA and China. It reviews, coordinates and develops Association policy that is relevant and representative of the views of USCN's membership.
The primary objective of the Legal Committee is to recommend to the Executive Committee legal and litigation strategies to advance the interests of the USCN's members and their respective industries on issues of interest to the general membership. The Committee also provides guidance to the USCN staff on current litigation and potential legal action on behalf of its members. The Committee forms Legal Task Groups from time to time to focus on specific legal issues. Currently, the following Legal Task Groups are active: Climate Change/ESA; Clean Air Act; and, the Federal Trade Commission.

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