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We have compiled a detailed and upto date catalogue of commonly asked questions and answers with additional links for more information at this section. The questions and answers are divided into several sections. So please go over the subheadings and look for you questions and answers. We would prefer that before you contact us with any questions, please first check if your questions are answered here.

1. What is the US China Business Association?

US CHINA Business Association (USCN) was founded in Chicago of the United States in April of 2005. USCN is a not-for-profit organization with the mission to promote mutual understanding and facilitate exchanges between U.S. and Chinese business communities.

2. How many levels of membership are there at USCN?
There are three levels of membership:

  • Organizational Membership 
  • Corporate Membership 
  • Individual Membership

3. What are the member requirements? 
There are different levels of membership at USCN. Personal, Corporate and Organizational memberships are for different entities with different benefits.

  • Personal Membership:  this membership is open to board members of Fortune 500 companies, established scholars and professionals, and high-level government officials. Each individual would have to be recommended by two existing members, and proven to be a leader in his/her field and demonstrate commitment to and model for his community.
  • Corporate Membership: this membership would be based on meeting USCN criteria for corporations, such as annual revenue exceeding one billion US dollars in the past three consecutive years, employment of over 1000 worldwide, industrial leadership and corporate social responsibility etc.
  • Organizational Membership: this membership is open to governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations and trade associations. 

4. What is the membership due for USCN? 

USCN membership is free to organizational and corporate members. We collect an annual due from personal members. Please click here for the personal membership dues.

5. What are the benefits for USCN members?
Please go to membership benefits section for details.

6. There is not an active USCN Chapter in my community. Is it still possible for me to join the Association?
Yes, please don't forget the great opportunities for our national members - networking at District and National Conferences, great discounts through our corporate sponsors, professional development through the US-China Instructional Network, and much more! For more information on the benefits of membership,click here. Joining a USCN Chapter is not a requirement, but if one is available in your community, we encourage you to try it!

7. How can I start a chapter in my area?
Starting a new chapter of USCN in your area is a great opportunity to expand your professional network, gain community visibility, and learn great project and business management skills. To get started, send your e-mail to charter@us-cn.org.



1. Please tell me a little more about this organization?

Check the website for the organization information.


2. How long is the internship?
Internships will last six months.

3. How many hours a week will this internship require?  
Interns are required to work 2hrs/day; 10hrs/week. Most importantly, they are required to complete their assigned tasks by the deadline.

4. Who would I be reporting to as my supervisor?  
You will report to the project manager in charge of the specific assignment. 

5. Is there room for advancement within the organization?  
USCN is an equal employment opportunity organization. Advancement is possible for all employees. 


1. Are USCN events and conference open to public?
NO. All USCN events, conferences, forums, meetings and so on are exclusively for members or through invitation.

1. Some language was not displaying properly, what shall I do?
Go to the Options in your browsers such as Internet Explore, Google Chrome or Firefox, find Fonts and Languages settings. Choose Unicode (UTF-8) as your default encoding. Refresh your screen and you will see a properly displayed screen.

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