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Membership Details

Join the USCN as a member organization today to enjoy the many benefits of membership that will help your organization stay competitive, grow your business, and make the best contacts in the US-China marketplace.

Take Advantage of member-only Discounts

Employees of member organizations enjoy valuable discounts on USCN programs and publications:

  • Access to private clubs approved by the USCN in China and the US.
  • Invitation to hi-level business and diplomatic functions attended by national and state government officials.
  • Access to the megastars of business and financial industries.
  • Save at least $500 on Conferences & Expos sponsored by the USCN.
  • Save up to $100 per night for hotel rooms approved by the USCN.
  • Save on forums, conferences and meetings sponsored by the USCN.
  • Save on overseas business trips to explore development opportunities and build relations.

Get Exclusive USCN Resources

USCN connects member organizations to an exclusive array of tools and resources:

  • Access to government procurement information from both the US and Chinese governments.
  • A free subscription to business magazine
  • Members-only access to a number of online resources on trade, economic and market data.
  • Members-only access to a number of online resources on new ideas, technology, products and markets.
  • Access to venture capital, private equity and other forms of financing.

Get Involved

Play an active role in advocating for the US China bilateral economic issues and helping to build consumer awareness:

  • Serve on a USCN committee to shape the future of bilateral business and economic relations.
  • Participate in legislative outreach efforts and stay up to date with federal and local government export & import initiatives.
  • Attend the USCN advocacy training sessions.

Build Relationships

Network with other members, gain knowledge about overseas markets, and to contribute your expertise to the USCN community:

  • Participate in a Member's Circle, with member-driven exchanges of ideas, resources and information.
  • Attend the USCN Member's Day, a free event for new members.
  • Join the Member to Member (M2M) Exchange, an online discussion forum.
  • Make industry-wide contacts beyond your business area.

Get Noticed

Membership sets your organization apart. Build exceptionalism in your organization as a USCN member:

  • Distinguish your company in the marketplace by using the USCN member logo on your Web site and in your company’s marketing materials.
  • List your company in the USCN’s exclusive online Member Directory.

Don’t miss all these great perks. Join now or send your inquiry to membership@us-cn.org for more information about membership and benefits.

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