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USCN Members Meeting With Mr. Maurice Greenberg

Mr. Maurice Greenberg, the Chairman of C.V. Starr, and former Chairman of AIG met members of US China Business Associations at his office on the Park Ave., in New York on September 14th, 2011. Attending the meeting are Colin Wu, executive vice chairman of USCN, Brian McElroy, president of USCN and Shirly Ling, vice president of USCN China Branch. Mr. Greenberg has made tremendous contribution to China and the United States in the fields of finance and insurance. He is instrumental in helping China merging smoothly its antiquated insurance industry to the world standard. In recognition of his achievements, Mr. Greenberg was given 2010 Outstanding Contribution Awarded in Shanghai in May 2011.

At the beginning of the meeting, Wu and Greenberg were talking about their meeting at the People's Great Hall in Beijing in 2009. They were members of the US delegation led by former president Jimmy Carter to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Sino-US diplomatic relationship. At the end of their meeting, Mr. Wu presented Mr. Greenberg the plaque of USCN Honorary Life Director and a print of Master Huang Yongyu's Chinese painting. Mr. Greenberg is an avid art collect. His office walls are adorned with western and eastern paintings. Many of them are originals of Ming and Qing artworks. When he learned that Master Huang was one year older than him, he epxressed strong interest in meeting Huang. Mr. Greenberg told us he would be visiting Beijing in October in 2011. 

Ji Yujie, CCTV journalist stationed in New York, had an in-depth interview with Mr. Greenberg on the current global financial and economic situation. Mr. Greenberg does not believe Europe will default on their sovereign debts, and the situation will improve when US, China and Europe are actively working together to solve the globe financial crisis. 

Colin Wu and Mr. Greenberg talking about their meeting at the People's Great Hall in Beijing in 2009

Mr. Greenberg with USCN leadership, holding the Outstanding Contribution Award of 2010.


CCTV journalist interviewing Mr. Greenberg at his office

Mr. Colin Wu presenting Mr. Greenberg a limited print of Master Huang Yongyu's Artwork.

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