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Huang Yongyu--Chinese Master Artist Receiving the Outstanding Contribution Award

Huang Receiving the Award

USCN members visited Mr. Huang Yongyu, the Chinese Master Artist at his residence of Ten Thousand Lotus Pond on the eatern outskirts of Beijing this afternoon. The USCN delegation members are Colin Wu--the Executive Vice Chairman, Brian McElroy--the President, Tim Preheim--former Dean of Illinois Institute of Technology Stuart Graduate School of Business, and Shirly Ling, the Vice Chairwoman of the USCN China Operation with journalists from major Chinese media outlets. Mr. Huang and his relatives and friends had been waiting at the entrance for the arrival of the motorcade. Mr. Huang flashed childlike smiles across his face when Brian McElroy congratulated him on winning the most prestigious art award in the US and China. Master Huang showed us around his traditional squared residence compound with rooms and corridors covering the entire one acre land. Before leaving, USCN members wished Huang good health and longevity. Master Huang pledged to make even greater contributions to promote arts between the US and China.  


USCN members group picture with Master Huang in front of Studio of Ten Thousand Lotus Pond --- 5-26-2011


Master Huang signing off his book for Shirly Ling, the Vice Chairwoman of USCN China Operation.

Master Huang signing off his book for Colin Wu, the Executive Vice Chairman of USCN.

Master Huang Yongyu showing USCN members around his Ten Thousand Lotus Pond -- 5-26-2011

Colin Wu was sitting in an armchair which was said to be elder George Bush's when he was serving as the director of the Liason Office in Beijing in 1970s. Master Huang told us he acquired it for RMB 25 when Bush's associates sold off his office furniture. Sitting on the chair, Brian said he felt closer to Bush and had the urge to paint as the chair was used by two great people. 

Brian McElroy posed in front of the big tree trunks in the studio of the Ten Thousand Lotus Pond. 

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