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Lin Mingde

Lin Mingde, courtesy name Yifan, is a master craftsman of traditional Chinese arts & crafts, he is also well known in Taiwan as master artist of ceramics. He has been engaged in ceramic art, creative design, calligraphy and Chinese painting for more than four decades. He came to mainland in 2001 in quest of his dream to further develop the Chinese cultural heritage, to proclaim the Chinese art of ceramics to the world. He created Dahan Kiln, a ceramic studio with financial support from local governments and friends.

Though ceramics are considered as a great invention from China, but it lacks innovation. Master Lin combined traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. He brought forth revolutionary changes in ceramic production, by introducing new materials, nano-technology, particle energy, and modern ultrafine glaze. His mastery of temperature control, paint and glaze mixture, and numerous experiments culminated in his breakthrough of creation of an impeccable national treasure of ceramic artwork after over 5000 trials and errors.

He is the first person to introduce contemporary Taiwan ceramic craftsmanship into the mainland, and the first person to engage in cross-strait collaboration in ceramic creation. He has carried over the heritage of national ceramic art and pushed it forward with courage and innovation. All this has won him a well-deserved place in the book of Eight Celebrities of the Lin Family of Fujian Province of 2011.

Master Lin has taught thousands of students without reservation and discrimination. He has many awards from world and national art competitions and is gaining worldwide popularity in recent years. His ceramic artworks are collected by museums and art aficionados around the globe, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Britain, the United States, France and Germany, just to name a few.

Chinese national ceramic patriarch, Mr. Wang Xiliang, also a master artist of ceramics, was awe-stricken when he saw Mr. Lin’s amazing ceramic artworks. He presented his handwritten calligraphy "Dahan Kiln" as gifts to Master Lin. He labeled it "Official Chinese Kiln”. Lin’s works are masterpieces of technology innovation!

Lin Mingde, holding the US China Outstanding Contribution Award, handed over by Ma Li, the Vice President of the US China Business Association China Branch, at the Award Ceremony on Nov. 19th, 2012 in Shanghai.

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