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Yang Zhiguang

Yang Zhiguang is a famous Chinese artist and art educator. In his early years, he followed Gao Jianfu, the distinguished founder of the Lingnan School of Painting to learn Chinese painting. Yang was later admitted to the Painting Department of the China Central Academy of Fine Arts. He was taught and advised by Master artists Xu Beihong, Ye Qianyu and Dong Xiwen. After graduation in 1953, Yang Zhiguang taught at the Chinese Painting Department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, where he served as Professor and Department Chair and later as Vice President of the Academy. In more than half a century of his life in art education and artistic creation, he educated many students who later became well-known artists and art educators. He has repeatedly won Gold Medals for his artwork in art events at home and abroad.

Starting from 1991, Mr. Yang Zhiguang began his decade-long career shuttling between China and the United States, promoting art and cultural exchanges. Through lectures, exhibitions, forums and other exchange activities, he presented the best of Chinese arts and culture to the American public while introducing innovative and elastic American art educational methods back to China. He founded the "Yang Zhiguang Art Center”, and played a positive role in promoting educational reform in China. The "Yang Zhiguang Art Center” strives to instill “Open Thinking” at an early age in younger generations. It is actively creating a pool of pioneering talent that will ensure completion of China’s strategic transformation from "Made in China" to "Designed in China ". The "Yang Zhiguang Art Center” is worthy of the name “The Cradle of Chinese Design".

From 1997 to 1998, Mr. Yang Zhiguang selflessly donated 1200 pieces of his artwork that he spent a life time to complete to the National Art Museum of China, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou Museum of Art and Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. He thus received the “Patriotic Contribution” award by the Chinese Ministry of Culture.

Mr. Yang Zhiguang has devoted his entire life to creative arts and education, and has made outstanding contributions to Sino-US art and culture exchanges.

Yang Zhiguang, Master Chinese Artist, holding the US China Outstanding Contribution Award handed over by Jeffrey Carmichael, at the Award Ceremony on Nov. 19th, 2012 in Shanghai.

Yang Zhiguang was also honored with Honorary Co-Chairman of Arts Development Committee of the the US China Business Association, at the Award Ceremony on Nov. 19th, 2012 in Shanghai.


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